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Customize Crafterina!

Skill Level: ♥♥♥

Ages: 3 - 8



The story of Crafterina shares it is possible to #CreateYourDream. Inspiring young minds to learn, make, and move, with the use of a marker and simple DIY illustrations, this book becomes a craft project in itself! Your child can personalize their learning experience as they draw themselves as the main character of Crafterina! Want to learn more about the book? Visit our About Page!




  • Crafterina Book from our Shop Page

  • Thin Tip Black Permanent Marker for book cover

  • Additional markers to customize eye color & features

  • Colored pencils to customize the interior pages of your book



  1. ​First, pick a marker that matches your eye color. Draw two small dots on the face of the Crafterina Book cover.

  2. Next, take a thin tip marker to draw eye lashes. We recommend two small dashes on each side of the eye.

  3. After, draw a letter C-shape on the center of the face to make a nose.

  4. To finish, draw a half circle to create a smile. You may also want to add additional features like freckles or eyebrows. 

  5. Inspired to continue drawing? Use colored pencils to personalize the illustrations in the Crafterina book!

Musical Suggestion:


Composer: Scott Joplin

Selection: The Entertainer


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