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Cupcake Castle



The Cupcake Castle is a lovely craft for make believe. 

The castle helps spark the imagination and is perfect for practicing walks on relevé.


Skill Level: ♥♥♥♥

Ages: 4- 8



  • 22" x 17" piece of felt for castle

  • Free 11" x 17" PDF Template

  • Felt for cupcake, heart, and flag shapes

  • Glue

  • Kid Friendly Scissors

  • Anti-Slip Rubber Roll



  1. ​Click to download the FREE PDF castle template.

  2. Print the PDF template & cut out the template.

  3. Fold the fabric in half and trace the template onto the  felt.

  4. Cut the castle out of felt.

  5. Next, use the same template to trace and cut out a the exact castle shape out of anti-slip rubber material.

  6. Adhere the anti-slip material to the bottom of the felt castle.

  7. After, accent your castle with cupcakes, hearts, and flag felt shapes. You can also pick up simple felt stickers like the ones pictured above from your local craft store!

Musical Suggestion:


Composer: Sergei Prokofiev

Selection: Music from the ballet Cinderella


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