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Magical Wand



The Foam Fairy wand is a wonderful craft to encourage make believe. Wands help dancers imagine they have magical powers! This dancing prop is excellent for practicing gesturing and movement of the arms.


Skill Level: 

Ages: 4 - 8



  • FREE PDF Heart Template

  • Craft Foam Sheet

  • Glue

  • Ribbon

  • Paper Straw

  • Scissors



  1. ​Click to download the FREE PDF template.

  2. Print the PDF heart template.

  3. Cut out the template & trace onto a foam sheet.

  4. Cut out two foam hearts; a front & back.

  5. Glue paper straw between foam heart layers.

  6. Accent with ribbons, glitter, and gems.


Musical Suggestion:


Composer: Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

Selection: Sleeping Beauty Waltz


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