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Reach for the Stars Dancing Scarf



The Reach for the Stars Dancing Scarf is an easy & fun craft! The scarf is an excellent dancing prop for practicing flowing movements.


Skill Level: ♥♥♡♡

Ages: 3 - 8



  • White Hankerchief

  • Star Shaped Sponge

  • Yellow Puffy Paint

  • Purple Fabric Paint



  1. ​Dip the star shaped sponge in paint and begin to stamp the shape to decorate your hankerchief.

  2. Next, to add extra detail, use puffy paint to draw swirls for shooting star tails.

  3. After, let the paint dry and set on the scarf before beginning to dance.


Musical Suggestion:


Musician: Louis Armstrong

Selection: When You Wish Upon A Star


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