Customize Crafterina!

Ages: 4-8

Skill Level: ♥♥♥♥


The story of Crafterina shares it is possible to #CreateYourDream. Your child can personalize their learning experience as they draw themselves as the main character of Crafterina! Want to learn more about the book? Visit our About Page!



  • Crafterina Book from our Shop Page

  • Thin Tip Black Permanent Marker for book cover

  • Additional markers to customize eye color & features

  • Colored pencils to customize the interior pages of your book



  1. First, pick a marker that matches your eye color. Draw two small dots on the face of the Crafterina Book cover.

  2. Next, take a thin tip marker to draw eye lashes. We recommend two small dashes on each side of the eye.

  3. After, draw a letter C-shape on the center of the face to make a nose.

  4. To finish, draw a half circle to create a smile. You may also want to add additional features like freckles or eyebrows. 

  5. Inspired to continue drawing? Use colored pencils to personalize the illustrations in the Crafterina book!

Musical Suggestion:


Composer: Scott Joplin

Selection: The Entertainer


*Spotify Account Required

Brain Benefits:

  • Spark Imagination

  • Inspire Movement

  • Develop Confidence

  • Promote Making Skills

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