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A Message for Parents!

Dear Parents, Caregivers, and Grown-ups,

Thank you for visiting!

We believe that all art forms are an integral part of a child's education and development!

At Crafterina we merge the worlds of dance and visual art to create a one-of-a-kind art experience for you and your child. Crafterina activities are creative, kinesthetic, and expressive!

Before using our site, please remember a few safety tips:

1) All Crafterina activities, including dancing and crafting, should be done under adult supervision!

2) Crafterina encourages little dancers to dance with scarves and other crafts, but please, NO DANCING WITH CRAFT SUPPLIES or TOOLS.

An easy solution to this is practicing a "put away" routine after craft making!  Decorate a shoe box with ballerina and butterfly illustrations and name it the "put away box". After all, "Crafterina always cleans up after making her art! For only then she knows the dancing will start!"

3) Dancing at home is perfectly safe! Just remember, clear space of anything that can be tripped over! Make sure area is well lit! Socks worn on hardwood floors can be very slippery—so on hardwoods, dance barefoot or with leather ballet slippers! If wearing slippers, always tie them! Lastly, no dancing with fairy wands—instead, use fairy wands for gesturing and pantomime! (A great tradition of the classical ballet!)

4) Stay Hydrated!

5) Don't dance with a full belly! 

6) Always use nontoxic glue, paints, markers, and other craft supplies! Also, look for items "Made in the U.S.A." when possible!

7) Lastly, be sure to review the site's terms and conditions page. 





XOXO Crafterina Ballerina








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